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Rotherham and Barnsley Mind approached Eitex as they wanted to simplify and consolidate their IT with the aid of Cloud Computing.
Mind work from 3 geographic locations in Yorkshire and originally operated as 2 separate charities. They had a File Server and Exchange Servers at each site, all on different domains.

As the charities were merging into one charity they wanted a solution to allow everyone to have the same email address, and work from the same platform.

Microsoft Office 365 was the answer!

The Cloud Computing technology allowed each site to work together on one single system, and without the need for re-investment in servers and IT. What’s more the charity receives a healthy discount from Microsoft which reduces costs further.

IT Manager Angela said that cloud computing was the way forward for Mind and they are looking forward to getting started with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Microsoft Office 365 could save your charity money? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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