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Office 365 Taster Session

On 17th January 2018, Eitex, a Trusted Microsoft Partner, is running another of our popular Microsoft 365 Taster Days.

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These are special sessions for:

• Businesses new to Office 365 that want to learn more and find out what it can do.
• Businesses who already have Office 365 but think they’re not getting the best from it.

We can help you reach an educated decision about whether Office 365 is right for you, and which plan you should choose. We can also help you get a 30-day free trial with up to 25 users.

Hard Choices

When you’re running a business, the very thought of disrupting a functioning computer system to implement something new is enough to keep anyone up at night.

“The Microsoft website is packed with information, which is good, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing,” comments Dean Spencer, Eitex MD. “For most computer users, and business owners, the sheer volume of information available makes your head spin. Our taster days cut through the noise and explain exactly what it is, the benefits, and how much companies stand to gain with Office 365 cloud subscription.”

Streamlining Business Operation

Running business from the cloud puts all the data and information at everyone’s fingertips, right when they need it. It smooths out communication problems and prevents workflow blockages, such as can happen when teams of people try and work together on a project.

It’s great for mobile staff members who need to stay in touch or access data and files from locations outside the office, and because all the programmes available in Office 365 work together, syncing and staying current happens almost automatically.

Reduce the Cost of Doing Business

Potential financial savings represent another huge benefit. Many still run their IT on a Cap-Ex model — treating computers and IT as a capital expenditure.

A better way, that puts you more in control of spending, is to view IT as an operational expense. With Microsoft Office 365, you can control how much you spend and what you spend it on. It’s not an all or nothing service. The Office 365 cloud structure lets companies start small and add features as they need them. You’re never paying for a service or feature that you don’t use or need.

Taster Days Give the Full Office 365 Flavour

Some established companies choose a hybrid system, running some functions from traditional servers and others from the cloud. We’ll explain how this works. Many new businesses use the cloud from day one.

During the day, you’ll get a better understanding of the Office 365 platform. We’ll go through the included programmes and what they do, such as file sharing, out of office working, and communications.

Lunch is included in this free event, so if you’re considering Microsoft Office 365 (or you’ve recently subscribed and need more information), get in touch and book your spot.

As a Microsoft Partner, we work closely with local businesses, helping them get the most out of Office 365. This is your chance to find out just what it can do for your organisation, and how we can help you set things up and manage it in the future. Register Here to book your spot, or give us a call and we’ll book you in.

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