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Microsoft 365 adoption videos

I’m guessing at this point we all know that Microsoft Teams provides most of the features required to work with other people remotely. It allows us to chat, run audio and video calls, and share files with others.

Most of us may be aware of the concept of Microsoft Teams, but are we confused by all the features that come with it?

Understanding the Features in Microsoft Teams

Following feedback from our valued customers, we have put together free Microsoft 365 User Adoption Videos.

Eitex has designed the videos to boost adoption and productivity within your team. All recordings are 5-minutes long or less to allow easy digestion of content!

Typically users of Microsoft 365 use only a small percentage of its overall capability. The videos produced by Eitex allows you to exploit more of what Microsoft 365 has to offer.

Free Microsoft 365 User Adoption Videos

Dean walks you through the essentials of using Teams, starting with an introductory video introducing Teams. Dean covers organising teams and members and shows how to conduct conversations. He explains how to create scheduled meetings and demonstrates file sharing and more.

The videos are free for customers who have an active Microsoft 365 subscription with Eitex.

Here are some of the videos available:

1.      What is Teams?

Eitex explains that Teams is a collaboration app that allows you to communicate and work together all from the same place Microsoft Teams. In this video, Eitex discusses Teams, Channels, Tabs, Meetings, Calls and Activity.

2.      What are Teams Channels?

Dean talks you through Channels. He explains that channels are groups within your teams where the actual work is done.

3.      What are Teams Tabs?

Dean explains the uses of Tabs within your teams’ channels. He explains that tabs allow team members to access services within a channel. He also explains the different applications you can use within your tabs.

4.      Teams Private Channels

The video explains the use of Private channels and how to add members to the channel so only they have access.

5.      Teams Member Permissions

Dean explains how to add permissions to members of your teams, e.g. separate team for finance and only invite people with permissions to view this.

6.      Share a PowerPoint Presentation in Teams

Use this video to learn how to share a PowerPoint presentation with anyone you are meeting.

7.      Organise a Meeting on Microsoft Teams

The video explains how easy it is to arrange a meeting within teams.

8.      Notifications within Teams

Dean explains how to adjust your notifications so you can customise what you are notified or how often you are notified.

9.      Live Captions in Microsoft Teams

The video explains how to use live captions in your meeting. This is particularly important if you have a noisy background or are hard of hearing.

10.  Learn how to set up a Teams meeting in Microsoft Outlook

Dean explains how easy it is to set up a meeting in Microsoft Teams. He explains how to add details of the meeting and how to invite members.

11.   Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Teams

The video explains the keyboard short cuts and how to use them to navigate around Microsoft Teams quickly.

12.  How to Save Messages in Teams

Dean explains how to save messages similar to flagging emails in Outlook.

13.  Hide and Show Teams

The video shows how to hide times you are a member of but not working on currently.

14.  Create a Team within Microsoft Teams

On this video, you are shown how to build teams for departments, locations, topics etc.

15.  Create a poll or vote

You can create a poll or vote on Microsoft Teams. The video shows have to make the poll and invite members to vote.

16.  Create and Manage Documents in Teams

The video shows how to add and work on documents within Microsoft Teams.

17.  Co-Authoring in Microsoft Teams

The video shows how to collaborate, co-author and work on files and documents together in Microsoft Teams.

18.  Background Effects with Teams

Dean explains how to change your background in Microsoft Teams. Changing your background is particularly important if you are working from home.

19.  Adding a Guest to a Teams Channel

Dean shows how to communicate with external parties / add a Guest or external contact to Teams Channels.

Eitex will be adding other useful videos. In the meantime, if there’s a feature not included in the above, please contact us, and we will be happy to go through it with you.

At Eitex, we’re always trying to find ways to add value to our service.  If you would like access to the videos, please contact us.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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