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Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re planning a new social media campaign, designing a new product or organising a conference, putting together a team is often the first step.

The problems arise as the project matures, with an ever-growing stack of files and resource documents. People also work at different speeds, so some might need to catch up on what others have already done. As the project becomes more complex, how does everyone stay in touch? Microsoft Teams provides the answer.

Microsoft Teams with Office 365 offers a secure, digital environment. All the work done on a project is visible and accessible to everyone involved. Microsoft Teams is available to anyone with an Office 365 business plan, from Business Essentials to Enterprise E5.  It takes collaboration to a whole new level.

Companies can have public teams that anyone can join, or private teams of invited members. Team chat plays a big part of Microsoft Teams, but information can also come from emails. Those with information relevant to the team are easily shared directly from Outlook.

There are four basic ways Microsoft Teams helps to streamline business workflow:

The Teamwork Hub

The Teamwork Hub pulls everything together. Office applications such as Excel, Word, SharePoint, Delve, and OneNote are all available. Microsoft Graph brings in intelligent search features, assisting with relevancy and discovery.

Team Chat

Threaded messages within chat conversations make it easier to find relevant topics. Team messages are visible to everyone by default, but there is an option for privacy too. Skype is also integrated, so video conferences or calling are easy to set up and join. Workspaces are customisable with emoji’s and stickers, which make them fun to work with. Keeping up is a breeze, as individual users can get notifications when channels they’re following receive new posts.


No two teams are exactly alike, so tabs make customisation easy within team groups. Within tabs, team members have access to Office 365 applications, video streaming, or groups of shared files. With Microsoft Connectors, Teams can interact with third party applications such as social media.

Security and Compliance

When sensitive information is shared with teams, compliance may become an issue, but Microsoft has it covered. You can flag terms or words that you expect to stay confidential, and monitor their use from within Teams. Throughout, enterprise grade security protects Microsoft Teams. Your business information and your network remains secure, yet your staff have full communications freedom.

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