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Reports estimate that there are now over 100 million Office 365 users. Microsoft originally aimed Office 365 at smaller businesses and individuals, but the rollout of heavy duty security and enterprise versions has changed that.

Now, some of the largest corporations in the world trust much of their business data and operation to the cloud. This is good news for medium sized businesses that have so far been wary of cloud based computing.

Microsoft takes security seriously, and has recently introduced many user-controlled features. They plan more soon, but here’s a quick look at some of the recent, reassuring developments.

Office 365 Secure Score

Office 365 users can log into their dashboard and see their personal secure score. This applies to everyone with an active 365 account, from individuals to big business. Security scores points from a maximum of 273, and highlights where companies need tighter measures so they can take early action.  Microsoft also supplies security management tools to help customers strengthen areas of weakness.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Currently in private preview, with a general rollout planned shortly. This service will give customers new insights into global cyber security threats. With information gathered from billions of data points, Office 365 users can work against any perceived threat.

Office 365 Advanced Data Governance

Advanced data governance will use machine learning and intelligence to manage complex data. Users can set policies to take action on relevant data, and determine the actions taken. For instance:

·       Determine which data they need from third party apps. Classify according to type, age or user groups and sensitivity.

·       Advanced data governance will make recommendations, such as move or encrypt.

·       Save only what’s important by classifying by keywords, data type or age. You can also trigger retention of data based on events.

In short, advanced data governance will help companies organise their data. It can help them decide which data to purge and which to keep, and automate the process.

Worries over cloud security issues are beginning to subside as more businesses embrace the flexibility of cloud features. However, we all know how important security is for data protection and compliance, so it’s reassuring that Microsoft gives the issue top priority.

If you’re wary about trusting your business data to the cloud, we’d be happy to discuss options with you and help you find solutions.

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