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Eitex love to find ways of reducing the carbon footprint for its customers, so when the opportunity came up to work with Carplus, we jumped at the chance!

Carplus is a national environmental transport charity promoting responsible car use. Their end objective is to reduce the negative impact of cars in the UK by promoting car clubs,  ride sharing, and other low carbon options, as well, of course, as anywhere working.

Whilst promoting their good endeavours Carplus wanted to do the responsible thing, and reduce their own carbon footprint as well. To do this Carplus implemented cloud computing with the use of Office 365.

With the introduction of Microsoft Office 365 Carplus have been able to:
– Decommission 2 servers saving energy
– Allow staff to work from anywhere, reducing journeys to and from work
– Reduce IT Support costs and system management

Eitex confirmed their charity status with Microsoft, and charity discounts were applied to the Office 365 subscription. The result is a very cost effective way of working, and the carbon footprint is reduced!

Now that Carplus are using Office 365 Eitex are able to offer Cloud IT Support which means all IT Support can be carried out remotely (via the cloud), thus reducing road traffic even further.

If you would like to speak about Office 365 for your business / charity, please get in touch.

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