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SharePoint Makes Life Easier for Yorkshire based St George’s Community Centre

One of the problems companies face is that of keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to document access and work flow.

Without a reliable system in place, work can end up being duplicated or, worse, not done at all. Everyone needs to see the latest version of a document, otherwise time is wasted, customer relations suffer, and lots of frustration builds up behind the scenes.

We encountered this problem recently at St George’s Community Centre in Lupset, Wakefield.

Whilst there was nothing especially wrong with their IT setup, it was creating unnecessary difficulties because the charity’s work is now done from 4 different locations. When a company expands, an IT system that worked well in one location often can’t keep up with the additional demands of extra offices. This is what happened to St George’s when they expanded their childcare provision, adding three additional venues.

This situation is common to many businesses.

When you serve different sections of a community or area, it makes sense to establish local offices or centres. Often though, how those offices will communicate in a fractured working environment isn’t taken into consideration.

St George’s Community Centre faced this very problem. Each of their four locations operated individually, yet each needed access to central records the others held. In this case, IT was creating the problems it’s meant to solve. Holding four different sets of information created communication breakdowns that wasted precious time and resources.

SharePoint Makes Collaboration Easy

Eitex brought St George’s IT up to date with Office 365 and Sharepoint, creating a single network that linked all their locations together.

Through Sharepoint, all the staff can now access the same records, confident that they’re dealing with current, up to the minute information. There’s no more duplication of work, and everyone can see at a glance what the current situation is.

SharePoint isn’t new – Microsoft introduced it back in 2001 – but until recently, it needed separate servers and was costly to set up.

Not more any more.

Centralising information in Office 365 and cloud storage via OneDrive from Microsoft, there’s no need for an additional, expensive hardware infrastructure to support the new system. Office 365 also makes it possible for employees to access information from numerous devices, freeing them from the office and allowing work to continue seamlessly in the field.

In short, Sharepoint reveals the big picture, providing a single home for files containing:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Calendars
  • Presentation information
  • Sales data
  • Inventories
  • Contact information for colleagues or customers

There is no more overwhelm or confusion about what needs to be done, and this leads to greater efficiency and far less frustration.

Since we set up St George’s Community Centre with Office 365 and Sharepoint, staff can get on with doing what they do best – serving and helping the community – instead of fighting with the IT that’s supposed to make things easier.

Are you having similar troubles with communication in your company? Please get in touch and let us help you sort it out. IT should make business life easier, and it doesn’t need to be complicated and frustrating, or expensive.

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