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Smartgate Solutions Leeds

Eitex recently contracted to work with Smartgate Solutions, based in Leeds, Yorkshire. We are setting up their new email system in Office 365 via Exchange Online; a system that will open up new avenues of efficient communications across the company.

Smartgate Solutions works right across the healthcare industry. This includes health and social care organisations in both the public and private health sectors.

Provision of healthcare is heavily regulated and rightly so; we all rely on the expertise (and discretion) of those caring for us when we’re in need.

Smartgate Solutions have developed systems that make quality and compliance easier to manage.  Through the Radar Healthcare technology platform, CQC standards and complex operating frameworks are translated into day to day working practices through one easy to use automated platform. This offers care providers a robust way to ensure quality and improve compliance outcomes.

Focusing on real time performance information and operational efficiencies, some of their areas of business include:

  • Policy and documentation management
  • Incident and risk management
  • Self-Assessment and performance visibility
  • Business processes and regulatory performance


Efficient, Trusted, Communications

“Even the most organised staff members are only as good as the tools they work with”, says Dean Spencer, Eitex MD. “For a company like Smartgate Solutions, staying on top of both internal and external communications is vital. All companies need a good way of communicating but when you’re in an area like health, the need doubles.”

With shared mailbox access via Exchange Online, Smartgate staff can track and send email from a common email address. It spreads the load of responding to email enquiries, as responses come from the mailbox, not a personal email address.


Visible Schedules

A further big advantage of the shared mailbox is the shared calendar. Sharing a calendar makes everyone’s appointment schedule and activities visible to all. No more wondering what shift someone is working, or whether they’re in a meeting or out on a call. A shared contact list is another feature that improves company networking. All users of the shared mailbox can find contact details of anyone they need.

Introducing and setting up new staff members is often a headache for IT admins. Adding users to the shared mailbox is a simple process that helps bring people up to speed, faster.

With Office 365, Smartgate Solutions can also utilise other functionality and tools.

Smartgate Solutions will also have access to other tools such as:

  • SharePoint
  • Skype-for-Business.

Safe, secure information sharing is vital for collaborative working. We’re confident the new systems will allow Smartgate Solutions staff to reach even higher levels of efficiency.

May we take this opportunity to wish Smartgate Solutions, Leeds, all the best for the future. Here’s to many more years helping health professionals meet the demanding regulations within their industry.

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