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Longley Concrete Group Upgrade to Office 365

Deciding whether to stick with traditional server infrastructure, or migrate to the cloud is sometimes a tough call for companies. Whilst many appreciate the advantages of migrating their email and data to Microsoft Office 365, letting go of perceived control isn’t always a snap decision.

So we were delighted when Longley Concrete Group recently made the decision to switch to Office 365 for their data and email management.

Previously, Longley Concrete had relied on their own server infrastructure to manage data and communication, but having expanded from one branch in Yorkshire to additional branches in London and Ireland they faced considerable capital expenditure to replace and upgrade existing servers.

As well as offering a cost effective and flexible alternative to Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) which was used previously, managing email, files and folders through Office 365 gives Longley Concrete added benefits:

Additional Security with Office 365

Longley Concrete can wave goodbye to security headaches as Microsoft safeguard data, protecting privacy at the same time. Moving to the cloud with Exchange Online and SharePoint Online also provides reassurance that valuable data won’t be lost should the worst happen, such as physical damage to servers. Heaven forbid, but adding loss of business to any infrastructure disaster adds insult to injury. Tucking data files and email safely into the cloud, under the blanket protection offered by Microsoft, is an added peace-of-mind security layer.

Streamlined Communication

In today’s fast-paced business environment, keeping everyone on the team up to date is vital, and Office 365 makes it a simple matter. Office 365 automatically syncs files and folders across multiple devices. Remote or travelling staff can access the data they need just as easily from tablets, laptops or smartphones as they can from desk-bound PCs. Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote files are all instantly accessible via an internet connection, and collaboration on the fly is possible thanks to co-authoring capabilities.

Enhanced Capacity

For a company experiencing growth and expansion, Office 365 has the capability to grow right alongside them. Generous file storage allowances are given from the start, but should the original capacity not prove generous enough as time goes on, securing more is a simple matter without the need to perform expensive server upgrades.

Now Office 365 is set up, Longley staff can communicate across multiple branches separated by hundreds of miles as efficiently as if they were in the office next door.

We’d be very happy to help you to also move away from the expense and ongoing IT headaches that can come from managing your own server infrastructure. If you’ve been looking for a cost effective solution that effortlessly keeps your organisation connected and able to take full advantage of current technologies, give us a call to arrange a free IT/cloud computing assessment.

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