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Office 365 for Solicitors

Office 365 works for any kind of business, regardless of sector, industry or size of operation. Maybe you just run one local office but have a few employees who work in the field, or perhaps your offices are located in various counties (or even countries) and they need to easily access and share information from a common customer or inventory/stock database?

Those are just a couple of examples. There are dozens more types of business operations that benefit from 365’s versatility.

A perfect example is a firm in the fast-paced legal world. We recently installed Office 365 for Harper James Solicitors at their head office in Sheffield South Yorkshire. Accurate, efficient communication along with trusted security is vital in any business, but even more so in a law firm where errors can have a serious impact.

Ready for Change

The world of IT, communication, hardware and software is ever changing and evolving. You could go to enormous expense upgrading your existing file servers and hardware this year, only to find them superseded just a couple of years later, necessitating a further upgrade.

The beauty of Office 365 is that it takes the effort and expense out of keeping your IT current. Why lie awake at night hoping the servers don’t crash, when a giant corporation like Microsoft will do the worrying for you? With world-class, robust infrastructure in place, you’re guaranteed current, fast, and secure data storage and access, with fully joined up systems across all your offices, staff, or remote workers.

For Harper James Solicitors, 365 gives them the rock solid foundation they need without involving significant, additional capital investment. Their unique business model is supported, in part, by low overhead expenses so an IT system that’s always up to date fully meets their needs.

Enterprise Level IT Systems

Moving data to SharePoint ensures everyone can work collaboratively, see up to date versions of documents, and stay current with developments regardless of their geographical location. The same information is available on any device, from tablets and laptops or even mobile phones, so with 365 the office goes with you, securely and privately.

The versatility of the Office 365 system is ideally suited to the unique ways in which Harper James Solicitors work. One of their innovative services offers enterprise clients access to personalised legal expertise they’d otherwise need an in-house team for. Similarly, Microsoft 365 offers companies the kind of infrastructure and data management for which they’d otherwise need extensive in-house servers and IT expertise.

In this case, as in many other business examples, it’s the perfect marriage of expertise and application. Businesses connected through 365 just get on with doing business; confident their IT infrastructure is up to everything they’ll ask of it now, and in the future.

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