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Office365 Onedrive for Business

The ability to collaborate with colleagues, share documents, monitor the latest versions of files, and access data from anywhere, anytime, is vital for successful business operations in today’s digital world. Up to the minute data accuracy is needed not just for local staff, but because global networking has created a business environment that dictates needed access beyond the traditional 9 to 5 business hours.

Until now, cloud sharing and filesync has made this possible — up to a point – but several weak spots have made some sharing operations less efficient than they could be. Microsoft has been working behind the scenes to rectify those areas where there’s been a disconnect.

The legacy OneDrive for Business sync client (groove.exe), is now updated with brand new syncing capabilities.

A New Sync Client

January 2017 sees the launch of a new sync client in Onedrive for Business that allows users to sync Sharepoint Online team sites. This includes files created and stored within:

·       Microsoft Teams

·       OneDrive Folders

·       Office 365 Groups

And it works on files shared across both Mac and PC platforms, providing the ability to work with all Office 365 files as though they were stored on your own computer. All critical information is available on every device, regardless of physical location, including OneDrive for Business shared folders. There is even a standalone Mac client that allows IT admins to manage the OneDrive Mac client independent of the App Store, with the ability to add a Finder shortcut for OneDrive.

Syncing Sharepoint Files

Using the new OneDrive sync client, businesses can now sync Sharepoint Online Team site files. This enables users to:

·       Browse SharePoint Online files and choose to sync all documents or only selected files or folders.

·       Sync shared folders, including read-only files.

·       Collaborate and co-author in real time via Office 2016 (depending on build).

·       Transition automatically from the current OneDrive for Business sync client.

Security and Selective Sharing

Admins can select who, what, where and for what duration users can share files, allocating permissions as needed. It’s possible to set up guest access that requires authentication, and this process has been simplified to provide faster access to files.

It’s also possible to block syncing for certain file types, and to deny syncing to PCs outside your domain, or from personal devices. There is also provision within the new OneDrive admin centre to manage compliance in areas such as data loss prevention and eDiscovery. The admin centre also provides usage reports relating to OneDrive.

The new capabilities in file synchronisation between OneDrive and Sharepoint will open up a world of new opportunities for business users, streamlining operations and enhancing communications and productivity.

If you need help setting up the new sync client, we’d be happy to help.

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