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UK businesses can stay on top of technology and show global capabilities with Office 365. Both large and small businesses can benefit from a nimble and responsive IT infrastructure.

Business Processes that Mirror Leisure Activities

Not so long ago, the lines between work and leisure were clearer. The two activities rarely mixed. Today, however, those lines are blurred, driven by the Internet and acceptance of the cloud.

People work best when the systems they use are familiar. With Office 365, the cloud provides the same integration in working methods as personal apps do in leisure.

Social media is a prime example. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn and its integration with some Office 365 programmes gives familiar but more efficient, professional network connections.

Programmes that work seamlessly together enhance communication and boost productivity. They keep staff outside the office in touch with those inside, and ensure data is always current.

UK Needs to Boost Productivity

Research shows that UK businesses are falling behind in productivity compared to other countries. The Office of National statistics reports that productivity between July and September of 2016 rose by only 0.4%. That’s a fair way short of the government’s 2.1% target.

Part of the government’s plan to address this issue includes infrastructure upgrades across all business sectors. For many, ‘infrastructure’ translates into a wider adoption of digital and cloud technology. Already, nearly 40% of UK businesses use Office 365, putting it in the lead, well ahead of other platforms. 

No surprise really, as Office bundles together multiple products needed by business. These include Skype, Sharepoint, OneDrive for Business and Dynamics CRM, among others.

Research also shows that companies which embrace cloud technology grow faster than those who don’t. They also achieve profits around 26% higher than those who hang onto old ways of working. Being cloud-based allows for greater competitiveness too. We’ve all heard the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’. Cloud technology with Office 365 makes it a reality.

Security Assured with Office 365

If the Cloud sounds like something of a wild card in business security, it’s reassuring to work with an established and responsible organisation like Microsoft.

Enterprise grade security ensures full control over access and data flow. It keeps the connections between people inside and outside the company secure. Those people could be contractors, partners, employees or suppliers. In one form or another, they could all have access across many platforms and devices.

Attitudes towards enterprise in the Cloud are maturing. Most companies are now doing some experimentation with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Those not ready to launch straight into cloud-based operations can also adopt hybrid solutions.

At Eitex, our long term mission is to help every company maximise their productivity through Cloud technology.

We run Office 365 Taster Sessions for business who are unfamiliar with cloud-based working. We can advise on solutions for all types of enterprise. If your technology is holding you back, we’d be delighted to help get your business moving again.

For more information on Office 365 please visit Office 365

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