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Protecting end-users and clients is our top priority here at Eitex. As an estimated 94% of threats come via email, Email Security is, therefore, an excellent place to start!

Eitex specialises in Microsoft 365, and because of this, we will talk about Exchange Online (the Microsoft email system). That said, regardless of the email system you use, Eitex recommends additional internet-level protection and filtering. Examples of such products are Mimecast, Sophos Email Security, and Barracuda, to name but a few. Today, though, we find Microsoft Defender for Office 365 one of the best products on the market. It sits nicely alongside your Microsoft 365 subscription, so it is a natural choice. That said please do your own research and testing, and find what works best for you.

What does email security do?

Email Security Systems

Email security systems sit between you and the email sender. When someone sends you an email, it passes through the security system first—the system analyses and scores the message. Scores are based on the sender’s legitimacy, the content/words, hyperlinks, sender domain credibility, attachments, and many other factors. In addition to this, email attachments are opened and run in an isolated sandbox environment. This allows any dangerous scripts that might not be identified by traditional scoring methods to be discovered. Emails or content that is deemed unsafe is quarantined, or unsafe attachments are removed, thus protecting end-users. The process takes 2-3 seconds at most to complete.

As an extra layer of security

The software helps protect your own online reputation as well. This is achieved by blocking outgoing SPAM or malicious emails that may unwittingly be sent from compromised email accounts or infected computers/devices. To protect user accounts from compromise, please see our blog on Multi-Factor Authentication / 2FA.

Policy Setup

With Defender for Microsoft 365, you must set up your policies for the system to work. Perhaps some of the most essential settings are within Anti-Phishing Policies which helps stop impersonation attacks. If you have an IT team to do this for you, then direct them to this blog. If not, Eitex will be happy to help, and if you’re an Eitex customer, the service is offered free of charge.

Add Defender to your existing Microsoft 365 Subscription

To add Defender for Microsoft 365 is just £1.51 per user per month for businesses, £1.06 for Academic and £0.60 for charities (correct at time of blog publication). If you have E5 then you have Defender already! We recommend enabling protections for all email mailboxes.

Train your staff!

We cannot rely on technology to save us 100% of the time. Users, managers, business owners need to take responsibility as well. Train your staff, help them identify cyber-security risks in order to mitigate them.

Even with the best email filtering and security systems available today, a small percentage of unwanted scams and phishing emails may find their way to end-users! Users are often the weakest link in the chain regarding security. The more education you can provide yourself and your team, the better! For this reason and where possible, we encourage everyone to partake in cyber security training. However, we appreciate that everyday working life gets in the way! For your convenience, we have produced this short video to help you identify scams and phishing emails easily.

If you have any concerns over your cyber-security please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team at Eitex will be more than happy to help.

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