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  • Reduce your business call costs to zero with Enterprise Voice

Business call and communication costs are going through the roof, with remote and home workers, site-to-site calling with branch offices, and increased call volume with customers and suppliers.

Now there is a smarter way to communicate. With our unique Lync Enterprise Voice packages you can communicate on the phone, or instant message and / or video with colleagues, staff, customers and suppliers completely free of charge*, regardless of their geographic location.

You no longer need an expensive phone system, you don’t even need expensive telephone or ISDN lines either. All you need is an internet connection!


Lync works with your existing company telephone number and enables you to accept inbound telephone calls from work, from home, from the car, from anywhere! No call forwarding, no call routing required.

The system works with Office 365 and bolts straight into Outlook so you can dial straight from Outlook Contacts, or see who is calling you! This is Unified Communications at its best!

This IS the future of communication so why not contact us today for a free demo?

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