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Eitex supports JS Recruitment

Eitex are delighted to begin work with JS Recruitment, a local family-run business based in Pontefract. We met sisters Jilly and Sarah, who own and run the company, via the new business networking group, #club5

JS Recruitment exists to match up companies needing new staff with potential employees that have the skills they need. Therefore, people are at the heart of the business, and the staff at JS Recruitment makes sure they’re always made to feel valued.

Managing a large database of clients and candidates and also still providing a personal service takes skill and dedication. Hence, it needs a robust IT infrastructure that keeps everyone involved up to date with the latest information and developments.

Expanding Office 365

Up to now, JS Recruitment mostly took advantage of the great email facility Office 365 offers. Already having Office 365 underpinning some company processes, it was a relatively small step to open up this software suite and consequently do more with it.

As we work with JS Recruitment, Eitex will be moving their data to the cloud via SharePoint Online. This will streamline business operations and open doors to even greater efficiency and accuracy.

A few of the benefits of SharePoint, for those who may also be considering a similar move, include:

    Centralisation – Store all the information your company holds in one place rather than having a fragmented collection of files, folders and programmes. It allows colleagues to easily share information and removes the danger of working from out of date material.

    Efficiency – Productivity tools that help automate time-consuming tasks. Staff can focus more on activities that add value.

    Document Management – From full version control to review and rollback. SharePoint Online also allows simultaneous collaboration and editing.

    SecurityAssign – permissions to access or change documents to only those staff members who need it.

This is just a fraction of what SharePoint Online does. It’s versatility allows you to pick and choose which functions best suit your needs.

Future Growth

JS Recruitment has built a solid reputation and now has an established client network. Reflecting the company’s continued growth, they will soon be moving to new offices. As always, this involves many changes and upgrades. Eitex will be on hand to supply new IT equipment powered by a superfast internet connection.

Above all we’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone at JS Recruitment all the very best for a problem-free move, and every success in the future.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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