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Skype for Business

For the last four years, Jacobi Carbons have trusted Eitex to take care of their Office 365 system. With over 3000 dedicated, professional employees one of the main benefits of the system is Skype for Business.

Jacobi Carbons is one of the world’s largest activated carbon companies with manufacturing facilities and reactivation plants worldwide.


Every quarter Jacobi hold a meeting with over 200 people involved from around the world. The CEO presents to everyone during this meeting. Previously it was impossible to conduct these meetings without flying employees around the world at significant cost and time.

Eitex set up and demonstrated Skype for Business to Jacobi via their Office 365 subscription.

Skype for Business provides a complete online meeting solution with video, audio, and web conferencing, furthermore you can use any device of your choice.

Jacobi now conduct their quarterly meetings using Skype for Business. Skype enables you to connect for free. It also lets you add up to 250 people to online meetings. All they need is an internet connection or a phone.

On your screens you can see participant pictures with job titles and video that locks on to whoever is talking.

Mark Downs, Global Laboratory Manager at Jacobi states “Skype for Business has revolutionised our business.”

Meetings are recorded and made available via SharePoint for later use.


Many businesses have made the switch to Microsoft Skype for Business for that reason here are a few reasons you should consider joining them:

Reduce Travel Costs – Skype helps reduce travel costs by allowing you to easily connect with clients and colleagues around the world. 

Reduce Call Costs – By switching to Skype your company can benefit from low-cost calls – including international calls and calls to mobiles.

Instant Messaging – Skype’s instant messaging feature is perfect for keeping in touch with colleagues. See when your work colleagues are available, this is particularly helpful for colleagues working in different locations.

You can also use it to check on each other’s progress, ask questions about an ongoing project and even send documents instantly, thanks to the file transfer feature.

If you’d like to hear more about Skype for Business or would like a demonstration, please call 01924 488612.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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