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Sophos Office 365 Integration

Managing the same users in multiple locations can be both time consuming and challenging, especially if you have large teams!

Sophos Integration

If you’re managing users in Office 365 and Sophos, then you will know that users need to be created, modified and / or removed from both places. It is very easy for errors to be made, resulting in discrepancies, paying for licenses you don’t need, and worse, no anti-virus protection for some of your users!

Built on Microsoft Azure, Eitex have developed a tool to bridge both solutions together. Add / remove / modify a user account once, and the change appears in Office 365 AND Sophos! With Sophos Integration you can see which Office 365 users have Sophos, and which don’t.

You don’t need an on-site file server or a Domain Controller for the solution to work, everything is done in the cloud. You don’t need to subscribe to Sophos email services either.

The solution will work with Sophos Central and Sophos Enterprise Manager, Standard and Advanced.

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