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SMB’s no longer need to spend large sums of money to implement the same standard of technology as larger corporations.

Cloud services offer huge benefits over traditional on-premise server based IT solutions including:

Reduced costs – less hardware, software, licenses and support overheads.
Improved Accessibility – access your email, documents and data such as quotes, invoices and manuals from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time .
Increased Productivity – providing staff with the ability to work from anywhere means that winter weather, transport problems and strikes don’t have to interrupt your business!

In addition, Microsoft Office365 comes with Lync technology which provides the ability to hold secure virtual meetings whilst sharing and collaborating on documents and project materials with staff, suppliers and clients.

Eitex are now Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partners which means we are helping businesses of all sizes take advantage of the benefits offered by online “Cloud” services such as Microsoft Office365.

If you would like to try Office365 you can do so for free here.

For more information on Eitex and Office365 visit our website at:

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