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IT Solution for Security Direct UK

Eitex were recently pleased to work with Security Direct, based in Beverley, Yorkshire, and with offices in Birmingham and London. They used cloud computing storage via a 3rd party product, but also had a subscription to Office 365 and this included OneDrive for Business.

The problem is that add-on solutions can create more problems than they solve. Companies can end up with quite a tangle, especially with today’s increasingly sophisticated demands that overtax systems not designed to work together.

Dean Spencer, Eitex MD comments, “Effectively Security Direct had all they needed with their Office 365 account. By also using a competing product for their cloud computing, they were paying twice for a service and adding a level of unnecessary complexity. We find this is quite a common problem. Many businesses don’t really understand what Office 365 is and what it can do for them, so they buy additional services not realising they already have what they need in their existing package.”

The Integrated Solution from Microsoft

Eitex moved all of Security Direct’s cloud technology to the Microsoft solution, putting everything effectively under one roof so it all works together. That in itself is a huge business advantage, but a second one is that it saves money because they’re not paying for what they don’t need.  

Moving to Microsoft gives Security Direct much more functionality and security with everything working seamlessly together, including:

·         Collaboration tools

·         Import and export of data

·         Document tracking

·         Access control

·         Reporting and statistics

·         Search functions

As well as operating their cloud computing through a third party, the company also had a separate provider for email hosting. That, too, is now integrated with Office 365, and we also built a SharePoint site for the business, which is now the company intranet.

Demystifying Office 365

We run regular Office 365 Taster Sessions designed to take the mystery out of Microsoft’s products.

We’ll show you exactly what Office 365 is, what’s included, how it all works together, and how you can use it. We’re a local Microsoft Partner, and our mission is to help local businesses understand and get the most out of IT technology.

IT really should be the empowering factor in your business. If you suspect you’re not getting all you should out of your system, we invite you to get in touch and join one of our taster sessions.


Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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