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Modern Workplace

For most businesses, the covid pandemic can be described as a time of disruptive change, but it has also been a time of accelerated digital innovation. In March 2020, workers had to give up their commute into the workplace and set up an office at home.  Companies were forced to give up their office-based teams and start working remotely.

Harvard Business Review published The Workplace Evolution, which estimates that digital technology to be ten times faster and 300 times the scale of the First Industrial Revolution! The review found that 78% of senior executives in enterprise businesses believe fostering a modern workplace strategy is essential.

Therefore it is becoming increasingly clear that customers who embraced the acceleration and place technology as a company’s most important asset will become more agile and place themselves in a resilient future position.

Microsoft Modern Workplace

The Microsoft Modern Workplace uses the power of the Cloud to operate a suite of Microsoft 365 technologies, including Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Business Voice, Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise & Security and Azure.

Microsoft 365 modern workplace is suitable for any size of business. It allows your entire team to access everything they need to remain productive from anywhere and on any device.

Team Collaboration

During the pandemic, the biggest obstacle for business to overcome was keeping teamwork productive.

Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint are applications within Microsoft Modern Workplace that allow people to work together. Microsoft Teams bring everything together in a shared workspace. People can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. Furthermore, Teammates can work together simultaneously on documents.

You can also add Microsoft 365 business voice. As a result, it allows you to maximise efficiency by staying within the Teams environment and making and receiving phone calls.

Microsoft revealed that Teams’ adoption skyrocketed by 70% to 115 million daily active users during the pandemic. Therefore this proves that it as become the lifeline for remote and hybrid working and learning.

Eitex can help you implement Microsoft Teams in your business and with underlying technologies such as SharePoint and OneDrive, Outlook, Calendar, and Meetings. Eitex also offers training, free workshops and adoption videos.

Secure Access

One of the main concerns for companies when using Cloud applications is security. Many businesses ask us how secure their information and data is in the Cloud?

Microsoft has spent millions on securing Microsoft 365. They provide a fleet of security solutions, such as email encryption and threat protection. Microsoft has brought all their security together through Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). MEM helps safeguard your modern workplace in the Cloud and on-premises.  Endpoint Manager includes the services and tools you use to manage and monitor mobile devices, desktop computers, virtual machines, embedded devices, and servers.

Microsoft Intune is part of MEM; it allows you to manage your Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices from a single location, no matter where the device is located. Anywhere in the world. Wow.

Microsoft makes every effort to keep your company data safe at every level. Eitex can help you choose the right protection for your organisation.

Introducing Microsoft Viva

Microsoft has launched an employee experience platform (EXP) called Microsoft Viva. Microsoft Viva is powered by Microsoft 365. It brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights empowering people to be their best from anywhere.

According to Microsofts Corporate Vice President, “60% of workers feel less connected to their team ever since work from home started”. Importantly, Viva will provide a single entry point for team members to engage and communicate.

Microsoft Viva includes four different areas, Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Topics.

Viva Connections will appear in your Teams app as a personalised dashboard for your company. Importantly it brings together relevant news, conversations, tasks and other resources. Furthermore, Connections will enable you to extend your SharePoint intranet into Microsoft Teams.

Viva Insights gives individuals and managers insights into the flow of peoples work in Microsoft Teams. Importantly, it brings new wellbeing experiences, insights and recommended actions.

Viva Learning creates a central hub for learning in Teams enabling employees to discover and share training courses and AI that recommends the right content at the right time.

Viva Topics enables you to harness your organisation’s knowledge and connect people to that knowledge in the apps they use every day.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we help organisations build a truly modern workplace using Microsoft 365, above all making your entire organisation more productive and successful.

Last be not least if you’d like to find out more about Microsoft Modern Workplace, contact us today.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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