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Cloud Computing

Finding the right cloud solution for your business can be something of a headache, especially if you don’t have dedicated IT support. The world of business is complex enough without adding in security risks, data protection, or worries over compliance. They can all cause concern when you first consider migrating to the cloud, as well as fears of disruption or putting staff on a steep learning curve after the move.

Here are three points to ponder as you consider moving your business computing into the cloud:

Cloud Solutions Should be Robust and Reliable

There is a big difference between consumer cloud needs and those of the average business user. Offerings such as Google Drive and Dropbox are great as far as they go, but have their limitations. That’s not to say you can’t use these alongside professional enterprise solutions, but you need to understand the role they play. Professional cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, for instance, eliminate the need for the consumer solutions more often used in personal computing scenarios.

Another thing to look for is proven data backup and recovery, and the ability to automate networking and security policies. Security issues to pay attention to include the ability to monitor authorised users and keep tabs on what data is being changed. You also want the ability to monitor the IT infrastructure to spot any malicious or hidden activity.

Look for Scalability

Properly set up and integrated cloud solutions operate quietly in the background, but you still need information about how things are working and access to performance reports. An ideal cloud solution should be as simple or complicated as you need it to be, with the ability to change or upgrade as needed. Look for:

·       IT support

·       A system that’s easily adopted by employees

·       Smooth transitioning from old systems

·       Options to only have services you need and will use.

The beauty of a scalable system is that it meets you where you are now, but has the capability to grow as your business grows. It also means you don’t pay for services you’re not using so it stays affordable and on budget.

Office 365 Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Maybe a hybrid solution would suit your business needs better than one that is purely cloud based. You may, for instance, find that maintaining your own infrastructure is better for compliance reasons, but you want employees to work more collaboratively. Alternatively, maybe you want to move to the cloud but would be happier with a staged migration.

Office 365 Enterprise offers companies the ability to extend on-premises services with cloud capabilities, creating hybrid cloud solutions that can adapt to any organisation’s needs. Office 365 hybrid solutions offer options with OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint, amongst others.

When figuring out ways to streamline business operations for security and efficiency, cloud solutions are the way to go. But we understand how overwhelming it can seem in the beginning.

Offering expert IT support, we can help you transition your business to the cloud without undue disruption, making sure you have exactly the services you need with all the power and reliability of Microsoft as the driving force.

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