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A Game Changer for OneDrive and Office 365

The British weather is so fickle we like to joke that if you don’t like the look of the clouds, just wait a while and they’ll change. Now, Microsoft has demonstrated much the same can be said for cloud storage. The recent announcement that all subscribers to Office 365 plans will get unlimited OneDrive personal storage is a game changer for several reasons.

Firstly, with so many other cloud storage options around users can be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. Microsoft came in for some flack when it moved its popular Office suite of programs onto a subscription basis with 365. The accompanying OneDrive cloud storage didn’t seem like much of a consolation when there were plenty of other choices.

Office 365 Links The Way We Live with the Way We Work

There’s no getting away from the fact that when it comes to business or professional software, Microsoft is the industry standard. As the lines between work and leisure become increasingly blurred, so the need for professional computing tools at home increases.

Likewise, from a purely home user’s perspective the gadgets we use, from cameras to tablets to smartphones, demand ever more storage to accommodate all our digital files. Films, music, photos and apps all get bigger, and while a couple of gigs of space used to sound like acres, it’s now barely enough to cover basic needs.

Previously, the choice was either lots of small, free storage accounts with files dotted all over the place, or hefty monthly bills for more capacity.

Microsoft have always had feet in both business and home camps. Recognising how vital it is that home and work demands segue smoothly into each other, introducing unlimited OneDrive storage happily marries the best of both worlds.

The Microsoft 365 and OneDrive Advantage

  • Existing Office 365 subscribers can sign up now to be amongst the first to get unlimited OneDrive storage during the roll out phase.
  • With a Home account, up to five users each get unlimited cloud storage – up from the current 1TB.
  • Seamlessly link an endless number of documents through multiple devices at home, work or whilst travelling.
  • Up to date, industry standard tools across the Microsoft range
  • Personal, University and Home users escape storage limits and associated rising storage costs once any free capacity is filled up
  • Seamless integration between the apps you use and the files you create, putting everything at your fingertips and easy to share
  • Compatible across Windows and Mac platforms

It all adds up to kill the argument that Microsoft shouldn’t have taken its suite of productivity tools to a subscription basis. Now, instead of battling compatibility issues as well as paying for adequate online storage plans, always-up-to-date software plus the convenience of cloud storage is wrapped up in one neat package.

How to Get Unlimited OneDrive Storage

If you have an Office 365 account for either Home, Personal or University, you should definitely sign up to be amongst the first to adopt the unlimited plan. Since there’s no additional cost involved, there’s no reason to hesitate.

Should other cloud providers look to their laurels? With Microsoft’s Unlimited OneDrive storage putting a definite silver lining in their own cloud, we think maybe they should.

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