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Cyber Attacks at Christmas time

Unwrapping the Risks: Understanding Why Cyber Attacks Surge During the Festive Season

As Christmas approaches, the spectre of cyber attacks at work intensifies. Employees may lower their guard with workplaces winding down for festivities, providing cybercriminals with opportune moments to strike. The lure of festive distractions coupled with increased online activities creates a fertile ground for phishing scams and security breaches. This piece delves into the heightened risks of cyber attacks in the workplace during Christmas, emphasising the need for heightened awareness and security measures amid the seasonal celebrations.

Heightened Online Activity

As the Christmas holidays approach, there is a surge in online shopping, social media usage, and digital communication. Cyber attackers use increased internet traffic to target unsuspecting users who may be less vigilant amidst the festive hustle and bustle.

Neglected Systems

Hackers exploit the heightened holiday spirit and know that individuals tend to neglect security measures for their systems. This negligence includes leaving systems unattended, presenting an enticing opportunity for cybercriminals to strike. As people immerse themselves in the holiday festivities, the lapse in vigilance and unattended systems create a prime window for attackers to exploit security gaps, gaining unauthorised access to personal and sensitive company data.

Seasonal Scams and Phishing

The holiday season provides a fertile ground for cybercriminals to deploy phishing attacks and scams. Malicious actors often craft convincing emails, messages, or websites mimicking festive promotions, charitable appeals, or popular gift items, tricking users into divulging sensitive information.

Distracted Users

With people engrossed in holiday festivities, there is a tendency for individuals to be more distracted and less attentive to online security practices. Cyber attackers exploit this distraction, counting on users to overlook potential threats or not scrutinise digital activities as closely as they might during other times of the year.

Increased Financial Transactions

The holiday season is synonymous with increased financial transactions, both online and offline. Cybercriminals target these transactions to gain unauthorised access to financial information. They take credit card details or online banking credentials, taking advantage of the flurry of purchases associated with gift-giving.

Strengthening Your Defenses

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Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex