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Office 365

Recently there has been a slew of new update improvements for Office 365. Often, these updates happen in the background and it’s not always clear what’s changed. If you haven’t noticed anything new, here’s some of what Microsoft has done:

Outlook Customer Manager

Outlook Customer Manager was first released for Outlook for windows desktops last November. Now, it’s rolling out to all Office 365 Business Premium subscribers. Plus, it comes to Outlook on the web and to the iOS platform.

Managing customer relations within Outlook, businesses will find new ways to keep up with customers. All kinds of useful information is available just by clicking the icon:

  • Meetings.
  • Phone calls.
  • Files and notes.
  • Deals in the making.
  • Deadlines approaching.

Outlook Customer Manager will also send intelligent reminders so important tasks don’t get overlooked.

Microsoft To-Do

Now available in Preview, Microsoft To-Do is a task management app that helps you keep track of the working day. Task lists are a common way of mapping and prioritising jobs. Microsoft To-Do makes your list available everywhere you are:

  • On iPhone.
  • On Windows 10 Devices.
  • On Android mobile devices.
  • On the Web

It helps you track deadlines with reminders, make notes and document due dates.

Designer Extended to PowerPoint on iPad

Designer is the programme that helps you put together first class presentations. This includes cinematic motion and intelligent sampling so the most relevant parts of an image stay visible. It offers many layout options so customisation is easy and effective.

Previously, Designer was available on PowerPoint on Windows desktop machines, Mac computers, and Windows and Android tablets. Now, it’s also available on the iPad in PowerPoint for Office 365 subscribers.

More Support for Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups now works with more apps, making team working and collaboration easier and more convenient. You can access the groups used most often direct from Office 365 apps such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. With Groups, there’s no need to assign permissions to individual resources. Everyone added to a group has automatic access to all the resources within the Group folders.

Office 365 commercial users get Groups integration for Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows desktops. It is also available in Outlook for Mac, Android and iOS.

Security and Compliance Updates

Office 365 Enterprise 5 customers have several security and threat protection and detection features:

  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence: Now generally available, it uses the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph so you can stay ahead of the game in detecting potential security threats.
  • Office 365 Advance Threat Protection (ATP) Safe Links: Now works with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, preventing users from clicking malicious links. Advanced Threat Protection also generates reports to help track company health.
  • Advanced Data Governance is also now generally available and reduces risk profile while helping to retain data.
  • Data Loss Protection: A new page for policy management helps with configuring and enforcing business data policies.

Constantly reviewing and updating programmes with new features and enhancements, Microsoft Office 365 is a comprehensive, evolving business IT cloud solution.

If you’d like to discuss Office 365 for your business, please get in touch!

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