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  • Office 365 is the Perfect Fit for Wakefield based Northern Media

Eitex recently worked with Northern Media to upgrade their existing IT system.

We moved them away from their existing POP3 email to Exchange Online via Office 365.

Northern Media is a down to earth and results focused marketing agency based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. They offer marketing services ranging from website design and SEO to brochures and exhibitions.

A fast, modern, software suite is fundamental to their ongoing success.

Creative Power with Office 365

For them, Office 365 is a perfect fit. It matches their way of working, being equally flexible, versatile and creatively powerful.

Email is at the heart of small business communications. It’s often the first point of customer contact, and the main way companies stay in touch with clients or staff. Updates, newsletters, innovations, or special offers all go through email. As do everyday customer communications and general follow-ups.

Synchronisation is important in today’s working environment. We need access to the company email system whether we’re in the office or not, and on whatever device we have handy. It could be from a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone. With Exchange Online, Northern Media has email at its fingertips. Synchronisation allows staff to keep in touch wherever they may be working.

The commercial benefits speak for themselves. Office 365 puts a streamlined, joined-up, complete virtual office in everyone’s pocket. It’s also scalable, making it cost effective as companies can add or remove users.

In any business it’s important to keep working software up to date. This is especially true for companies like Northern Media, who rely on software for their product. With Office 365, they will always be working with the latest software versions. Updates are no longer something to factor into the annual budget, as they’re included.

Forward Thinking with SharePoint

Northern Media is not stopping at Exchange Online. They plan to also move data away from their own file servers and use SharePoint instead.

Sharepoint makes file sharing easy, giving everyone access to needed data. It will make company files as accessible as their email, putting the finishing touch on an efficient workflow. Moving data from their own servers will also remove maintenance costs.

Eitex is currently building the SharePoint site for Northern Media.

It’s our mission to serve businesses throughout Yorkshire. If you need help or advice on any aspect of Microsoft, please get in touch. When you have an account with us, we’ll even help you format your Word documents.

For more information on Office 365 please visit Office 365

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