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Future Technologies

As technology changes, so do employee expectations. In the 18th century the Industrial Revolution altered the world forever. In the 21st century, digital transformation and cloud computing is doing the same, for many of the same reasons.

It’s said that start-ups have a tech advantage over older, more established companies. The reason given is that start-ups can utilise the latest technology from the start. Established businesses, meanwhile, can’t afford potential downtime through disruption to legacy systems. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Established companies may have more idea about what they need from technology now and in the future. Building on past history, they can anticipate future needs and growth areas. Choosing scalable IT solutions that offer flexibility and security, along with hybrid options that cause less disruption, the argument becomes almost academic. Start-ups have a clean slate, so can enjoy scalable services such as Office 365 from the start

Aside from creating a solid IT foundation, adopting current technology offers an advantage that many companies may miss. Namely, attracting the best talent among today’s job hunters.

Today’s Grads Expect to Work with Today’s Technology

Generation Z is maturing, with the oldest of them starting to enter the jobs market. This is the first generation that grew up with technology and Internet access from a very young age. They’re comfortable with social media. Communicating and developing relationships online is second nature to them.

They have the exact skills needed in today’s global business environment. It’s excellent news for companies using current technology. They will attract the talent they need to stay competitive.

Consumer-Style Technology

Microsoft Office 365 offers exactly the kind of consumer-style technology that Gen Z grew up with. It offers single log-in for seamless device connections and information sharing, and search is as easy as it is secure. Machine learning through Delve or Office Graph creates a personalised environment, making communication and collaboration more intuitive.

All this is good for business, but it’s also good for the upcoming generation of employees. Because they grew up with digital technologies, they already have the skills companies need. Adapting to business applications such as Office 365 is an expansion of existing skills.

The Social/Business Connection

Having grown up with technology, the maturing generation has fixed ideas about what tech should do. You only have to watch a smartphone photographer poke the screen on the back of a DSLR to realise they expect touch screens and instant Wi-Fi access to social channels. They want apps that work together, that enable instant, effective communication, with a quick search facility when they need more information.

Office 365 apps for business mimic the ways in which social apps work together. Older generations may struggle to learn new ways, but the younger ones have no such barriers.

Addressing Security Issues

Employees can, and will, find ways around cumbersome software or apps that add steps to their workflow. They will discuss work matters on open social apps. They will share files across personal email networks. If public apps offer a better way of communicating, they will make that choice. Office and business software needs to be as streamlined as anything publicly available.

Personalised workspaces and profiles in Office 365 anticipate how people prefer to work. It allows them to download and use an approved suite of communication tools. Business owners and IT admins have fewer security worries, as encryption follows files wherever they go. Staff can work on multiple devices without causing security breaches or policy violations. It gives the same flexible and mobile experience at work as during social hours, but with fewer concerns about tracking permissions across platforms or servers.

Whether you’re just starting out in business or are running an established company, we’re happy to advise or help you decide on the best IT solution for your company. Alternatively, you could take advantage of our free IT audit and assessment, which we’ll email to you without any further obligation on your part.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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