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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Break beyond the boundaries of your meeting room walls with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms powered by Microsoft Teams bring people together more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Team members can enter a meeting area/collaboration space and join an online meeting. Individuals do not need laptops, mobile phones, tablets or any device to participate, nor do they need any technical ability with One-Touch Join.

Whether you’re setting up a small Focus Room or Meeting Huddle, a 15-20 person meeting area or a large conference room, Eitex can help. Teams Meetings are great when working with a mobile workforce, dispersed people, groups, home workers, remote offices, whether national or international. They bring people and meeting rooms in different locations together.

Meeting in this way offers exceptional ROI (return-on-investment) as employees can enter a Teams Room rather than commute for meetings. This means you don’t need to leave work to meet with customers, staff, suppliers, consultants, etc. A 30-minute drive for a meeting traditionally would have taken an hour (there and back), plus fuel costs, maybe parking, then waiting in a reception area for the meeting. If you and your staff hold meetings regularly, then a Teams Rooms setup should be on your agenda!

Eitex partners with Yealink and, of course, Microsoft to offer this solution. We can provide the complete setup from screens, projectors, cameras, microphones and sound-bars, through to cabling, screen mounting, system setup and training.

Meetings are a vital part of any business; the meeting room is where people come together. Meeting rooms are where deliberations are held, and important decisions are made. Allow them to continue with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

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