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Microsoft paid us a visit last week, and that’s always a cause for office celebration. It signals an upward shift in our relationship with them, and that means we can offer even more to our own customers.

A New Billing Model for Office 365

One of the things many IT customers have an issue with is the need to pay for IT support and Microsoft Office 365 separately. It’s perfectly understandable since both are opposite sides of the same coin and operate in tandem. It would be so much easier to simply pay for one account and get your IT and support in one package.

In the near future, Eitex will be at the leading edge as one of the first of Microsoft’s UK partners to start trialling this new system. Existing customers and new ones will be able to bundle IT support and Office 365 costs together for simpler and more transparent accounting.

A Holistic and Predictive Approach to IT Support

Knowing what Microsoft has up its sleeve in terms of product development allows us to approach IT problems with solutions that are future-proof.

For IT support customers, this carries the promise of more peace of mind when you know your IT Company works closely with Microsoft. You’re not going to get caught on the back foot with an IT setup that’ll be superseded any time soon.

We bring to the table insider knowledge on the latest products, such as:

  • Windows 10 – the next Windows operating system that comes with a raft of new features guaranteed to make business life easier. We’ve written about Windows 10 here, if you want to learn more.
  • Microsoft Edge (Code Name: Project Spartan) – the browser that’s expected to eventually replace Internet Explorer, with currently unheard of features that maximise the capabilities of touch screen, stylus-enabled devices such as the Surface 3. Read more on Project Spartan here.
  • Office 2016 – the new Office software suite. It can tell the difference between tablets, hybrid devices, or desktops, and has new intuitive functions in Word and Outlook. Plus, there are no legacy problems with older files or macros. More details on Office 2016 here.

Our Knowledge is Your Security

The more in-depth knowledge we have about those and other Microsoft products such as Azure, CRM Online or Skype for Business, the better placed we are to advise you and help you set up efficient systems that are ready for future developments.

So when Microsoft comes to visit, we tend to get the flags out. We’re moving up, and if you’re one of our customers, you’re moving up right alongside us.

Not a customer yet? You can put that right by getting in touch today. We’d love to shelter your business under our Microsoft umbrella.

For more information on Office 365 please visit Office 365

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