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Office 365 Make Work Life Easier

Anything business owners can do to streamline workplace processes makes for more efficient working practises and a happier, more productive work force.


Working Together with Office 365

Collaboration is the key word in business these days. It’s not exactly a new concept. Colleagues have always had to communicate, share information and stay in touch with what other team members are doing. But Office 365 makes it all very much easier and faster.

  • Document sharing through OneDrive.
  • Internal spoken chats using Yammer.
  • Skype video conferences with new clients or customers.

These are just a few of the Office 365 applications available at the click of the mouse.

Staying up to Date with Documents

One of the biggest bugbears when colleagues collaborate is uncertainty over document versions. The possibility for confusion, repeated work or incorrect information being circulated is enormous.

Co-authoring is the way to keep collaboration neat and organised. It’s supported across the most familiar Office 365 products: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Not only does everyone get to work only with the latest version of a document, people can work on the same document at the same time. With control over who has the final say on edits, there is no danger of conflicting information or document versions.


Switch between Devices

Office 365 subscriptions come with built in access to Office Online. This gives full support to mobile devices. From wherever they are, team member stay connected. They can:

  • Work together
  • Inspect files
  • Co-author documents
  • Look up information
  • Access client data
  • View the latest company policy


Syncing happens automatically, exactly as it would with tasks performed in the office. Out-of-office employees are no longer out of the loop, but carry it with them via mobile devices, wherever business takes them.


Scale Up When Necessary

If it all sounds horribly expensive for small companies, it’s reassuring to know that with Office 365 subscriptions you can start small.

Only paying for the number of users you need makes Office 365 extremely scalable; a vital component in today’s rapidly changing business environment where very busy times can blossom out of nowhere, and vice versa.

The other major advantage with cloud-based collaboration solutions is that companies avoid expensive capital expenditure on IT infrastructure and maintenance.


Securely Back up Data

Security and data protection loom large for any business regardless of sector. The burden of managing software updates and staying protected against sophisticated cyber threats can be costly. Office 365 places most of this burden on Microsofts shoulders. IT staff are freed from much of the mundane routine that otherwise swallows their time. Instead, they can devote more attention to creative development.

There are various solutions for companies considering moving to a cloud-based Office 365 solution. For some who currently work with in-house servers, a hybrid solution makes the most sense. Others make a total leap into the cloud from day one. The good news is that transition doesn’t need to happen all at once if that would prove too great a change.

Further, the availability of managed IT services with Office 365 covers companies from all angles. From an initial consultation to discover the best solution for your company, to telephone support whenever you need it, our managed IT services complete the matrix that makes working life much easier for your staff.


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