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What’s new from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in America last week:

Communicate better, internally!

Yammer! Yammer enables you to communicate with your workforce better than ever before. This is ‘Social Networking’ for the enterprise.

Like Facebook it allows users to post updates, about themselves, the company, what they are working on, anything, but with the added benefit of being confined within your organisation!

The system bridges communication gaps between staff and departments, and can be extended to customer and supplier networks as well.

Yammer is now part of Office 365, and it’s free to subscribe.

If you would like more information on getting started and setup, please let us know.

Information at your Fingertips!

The new version of Microsoft CRM is the fastest and slickest yet. Whether you are using it on your PC, tablet or mobile phone you can have all customer information at your fingertips, wherever you are!

Microsoft CRM is now part of the Office 365 suite and integrates within Microsoft Outlook and Office perfectly.
To open your mind to the possibilities of MS CRM, get in touch!

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