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Microsoft Azure

Cloud Computing


Migrate applications and infrastructure to the cloud and optimise your environment. Run your servers, databases, applications and web apps from Azure. 

Many businesses are held-back from the cloud by legacy systems and servers, now all infrastructure can be moved to the cloud benefiting from 99.99% uptime, global efficiency, managed and maintained and 100% carbon neutral infrastructure. 

Eitex will help you plan and implement your migration to the cloud following Microsoft best-practices and at a pace that suits your business, project or cloud strategy.

Microsoft Azure

Migrate any kind

of mission-critical workload to Azure


Easily move your on-premises Windows and Linux servers to the cloud, extend your environment to Azure.

Microsoft Cloud PC

Run your hosted desktops on Microsoft Azure. Access Windows 10 virtual desktops from PC, Mac, Linux.

Web Apps

Spend more time creating Apps that are valuable for your business, and less time learning about infrastructure.


Host Microsoft Access and SQL databases and access from anywhere on any device, or connect to your online applications.

Azure Bot Services

Enhance customer service or employ a Q&A Bot to surface information quickly and easily in your organisation.


Backup on-premises servers, files and folders to Microsoft Azure. Protect against server outage, data loss and ransomware.



Carbon Neutral



System Uptime



Dedicated Security Professionals



Data Centres


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