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Theatre Royal Wakefield

At Eitex we firmly believe in the importance of being part of the local Wakefield community. We provide business support where it’s needed, and like to keep up with what other businesses in the area are doing.

Although we work with companies on a nationwide basis, our home ground is right here in Wakefield. It’s important to us that we partner with community-based organisations and help promote the area and the fantastic facilities here. We’re determined to be part of Wakefield’s growth and vitality, and we can only do that by working with and offering support to other local businesses.

To that end, we’re extremely proud to partner with Theatre Royal in Wakefield.

About the Theatre Royal

Designed by architect Frank Matcham, one of Britain’s premier theatre architects in the 19th century, the Theatre Royal is one of the smallest theatre auditoriums still in existence, Despite this, it still gives visitors all the excitement and atmosphere of much larger venues. Other Matcham designs include the Buxton Opera House and the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham, as well as prestigious venues in London and elsewhere.

Some of the innovations used in the design of the theatre include designing a special ventilation system to circulate air, and adapting the design to incorporate part of an older building in the wall behind the stage. Using interesting or useful architectural features already in existence was one of Frank Matcham’s specialities.

The Victorian theatre experience is retained within the building, even though the arrangement of seating areas has been changed a little to reflect modern social norms, so visitors can now move freely around the corridors, staircases and arches. Venues like this are part of the heartbeat of any town or city. They remind us of our history and give us a sense of community belonging, as well as offering family and corporate entertainment.

Business Support in the Local Community

According to the old saying, you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but we don’t see why not.

Being a corporate partner with the Theatre Royal gives us the chance to offer business support for its continued development. But such partnerships also help to forge stronger relationships with other business partners, building vibrant networks that benefit the whole community.

We’re looking forward to attending corporate events and developing new relationships with other likeminded businesses.

The Theatre Royal in Wakefield is precious, not just from a historical point of view, but because a trip to the theatre draws family and community together. Both things are close to our hearts, so we’re delighted to offer business support, and proud to be part of our local Wakefield community.

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