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Enhancing Learning with SMART Board Interactive Touchscreens in Multi-Academy Trust

SMART Board Interactive Touchscreens have become a standard in modern classrooms and for a good reason. These smart boards offer an engaging, collaborative and immersive learning experience for students of all ages. At the forefront of this technology are SMART Boards, a leading brand in interactive touchscreens that bring learning to life.

What are SMART Board Interactive Touchscreens?

SMART Boards are interactive touchscreens designed for use in classrooms and other learning environments. These screens offer a range of features that enhance the teaching and learning experience. They are typically mounted on a wall or stand and are available in various sizes to suit different classroom layouts. They are easy to use and offer a range of tools to support teachers in delivering lessons.

Advantages of Using Interactive Touchscreens in the Classroom

SMART Board interactive touchscreens offer several advantages in the classroom. Firstly, they provide an interactive learning experience that makes learning more engaging and immersive for students. As a result, teachers can create interactive lessons that encourage student participation and collaboration.

In addition, SMART Boards support multi-touch technology, allowing multiple students to work on the same screen simultaneously. This feature makes group work and collaborative learning more efficient and enjoyable.

Moreover, SMART Boards come equipped with various digital tools and resources that support teaching and learning. These tools include digital pens, virtual keyboards, and interactive whiteboard software.

Furthermore, SMART Boards allow teachers to access and display multimedia content such as videos, images, and audio recordings, making learning more engaging and interactive. Lastly, SMART Boards are user-friendly and easy to use, with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. As a result, teachers can quickly learn to use the tools and features to create engaging lessons for their students.

Eitex Supplying and Fitting Interactive Touchscreens in Schools

Eitex is a supplier and installer of SMART Board interactive touchscreens. We work closely with multi-academy trusts to provide bespoke solutions that meet the needs of individual schools. Eitex can offer various services, including supply, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Our team of experts will work with the school to understand their needs and design a solution that works for them. We can advise on the best size and placement of the SMART Board and the features and tools that will best support teaching and learning. They can also train teachers and staff to ensure they get the most out of the technology.

If you are interested in discovering more about the ICT services that Eitex provides for schools, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Adele Spencer

Marketing and Business Development Manager for Eitex

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