Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

**Setup your free 30 Day Trial Now for up to 25 users!*** We believe that Microsoft 365 will become the forefront of Microsoft’s offering. The service wraps around not just Microsoft Office, but Windows as well! If you have outdated machines running Windows 7 Pro, or Windows 8.x, then this plan might be for you. If you’re already running Windows 10 then you may be interested in the advanced security and cyber threat protection which it offers. The choices can seem overwhelming, please get in touch and we will guide you through the process!

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform. It allows you to run your business IT infrastructure in the cloud! It is a subscription service that allows you to move IT from a Cap-Ex (capital expenditure) to an Op-Ex (operational expenditure). The cloud computing service is a much or as little as you would like it to be, and more features can be added with just a few clicks! At Eitex we can guide you through the different licensing options and subscriptions free of charge. Why not arrange your free Cloud Consultation now to begin your cloud journey! One of the most common scenarios for existing companies is to run a hybrid system. This is where traditional servers may operate on a network, alongside cloud services such as email and SharePoint. New businesses may adopt a full cloud based system from day one! Read more about Office 365 on our blog! Eitex are Tier-1 Cloud Solution Providers. This means we deal with Microsoft at the top level, and are account managed. For you, the end user, this means you’re getting best of breed in terms of Office 365 Partner! We provide, and are specialists in:

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