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  • The data cabinet – the nerve centre of any network

The data cabinet houses all essential back-end systems, from servers to uninterruptable power supplies, from network switches to routers and firewalls, and more.

The setup and organisation of a data cabinet is vitally important as this is where all user / network transactions flow.

Here is a badly organised data cabinet:

the network switches were cascaded which means that single transactions could potentially travel through 3 or 4 switches before being processed by the server. Outbound transactions were taking the same route back out which caused bottle necks and performance issues. Cable patching is difficult as cables are difficult to trace.

Here is the same cabinet which we re-organised:

This work was done over a weekend to avoid down time. All network switches flow from one managed switch. This means that all network transactions flow through a maximum of 2 switches which ensures optimal performance at all times. Cable patching is simplified and errors are avoided.

Also installed was a filtered power supply to the rear of the cabinet which ensures all devices get clean power. This helps avoid data corruption and system outages.

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