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When we found out that our MD Dean Spencer and colleague Josh Richardson was going to be skydiving in aide of The Prince of Wales Hospice, an idea came to life. Why not set an office up

Eitex were recently pleased to work with Security Direct, based in Beverley, Yorkshire, and with offices in Birmingham and London. They used cloud computing storage via a 3rd party product, but also had a subscription to Office

Cloud computing for business isn’t easy to understand for anyone outside the IT industry. Even in-house IT teams may fight to keep up with all the innovations and latest cloud technology developments. While answering every question is

Cloud computing offers enterprises so many advantages. Not least is their potential for scalability and cost saving as companies don’t have to buy and maintain their own IT infrastructure. In a 2017 survey, 70% of business respondents

Knowing how and when to scale up your business is one of the major keys to success. It’s estimated that only around half of the businesses that start up each year are still trading after three years.

When things are running well, it can seem like wasted time, resources and manpower to disrupt a known IT system with something new. The risk business runs is that aging systems are weaker, both in terms of