Eitex recently worked with Yorkshire based SMS Automation to upgrade their IT system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365. SMS Automation is a motion control and robotics specialist company based in South Yorkshire. They provide multi-axis

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn last year will prove advantageous for Dynamics 365 users, and those who use other familiar Microsoft programs such as Office, Skype or Outlook. Having an up-to-date data source on individual professionals could have

In a joined-up business environment, marketing and sales would always work hand in hand, with each side of the sales cycle knowing exactly what the other is doing. In the real-world business environment, that’s not always so

The countdown to the Windows 10 launch is underway, with just over a month to go. The date to put on your calendar is 29th July. Wonder what all the fuss is about? After all, a new

Continuum Intelligence with Cityman and Talkman Windows 10 Mobile Lumia Devices Have you noticed the gradual convergence in device size that’s been going on in mobile technology for the last few years? As processors shrank and became

Microsoft paid us a visit last week, and that’s always a cause for office celebration. It signals an upward shift in our relationship with them, and that means we can offer even more to our own customers.