Eitex is proud to have secured a brand new IT Support contract with Yorkshire firm, Elm Building Services. Based in Leeds, Elm provides Mechanical and Electrical works for construction projects. Their clients are both here in the

The threat of a cyber attack is always with us, so it's no longer enough to take a reactive approach and hope you'll figure it out when it happens. Prevention is key, since the consequences to business

Introducing Advanced Email Threat Protection with Office 365! Internet threats overshadow business communications, and get more sophisticated every day. As we rely on networked computers and the cloud, it can feel like swimming with sharks armed with only

What happens in real life gets reflected in the ways we conduct business. Microsoft makes the virtual office ultra-efficient for Office 365 subscribers. To some extent we all make use of a virtual office. Tech advances and

Eitex recently worked with Northern Media to upgrade their existing IT system. We moved them away from their existing POP3 email to Exchange Online via Office 365. Northern Media is a down to earth and results focused

We are writing to help protect you from the deadly TeslaCrypt virus. Please forward this blog to your colleagues / customers / suppliers to help prevent them from being the next victim! How does the virus spread? The virus is