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Eitex are in the press again today with regards to the impeding threat to business, caused by the retirement of Windows XP. Any business running End-of-Life software, Windows XP or Server 2003, after 8th April faces significant

It is estimated that there are over 400 million computers around the globe which are still running the 12 year old operating system, Windows XP! Leaving so many users without support, updates, hotfixes, security patches will be

Businesses prepared years in advance for the 'Millenium Bug'. Billions of pounds was invested in IT to protect businesses small and large. Even then, nobody truly knew what to expect, or what impact it was going to

As Windows XP is coming to 'End-of-Life' in March 2014 more and more companies are taking stock of their IT with a view of how to move forward. It isn't always as easy as upgrading the operating

In just over 12 months Microsoft will be retiring the following products: Windows XP Office 2003 Server 2003 This means that Microsoft will no longer provide Support for this software, and will no longer provide Security Updates!