It doesn’t take long for digital technology to overtake a business, leaving a massive shortfall in terms of capability or flexibility. A lot has happened in computing over the last twelve months that may have passed you

Eitex is pleased to welcome Steve Turner to our team. Steve is our new helpdesk manager and 3rd line engineer. He brings with him a wealth of experience that covers a wide range of Microsoft products and

Finding the right cloud solution for your business can be something of a headache, especially if you don’t have dedicated IT support. The world of business is complex enough without adding in security risks, data protection, or

Sign-up for your Office 365 – free 30 day trial More and more organisations are subscribing to Office 365 as a way to keep up to date with latest software, but without heavy capital investment. “The provision

We recently implemented Office 365 and IT Support services for John Munroe Hospital and were very thankful to receive the following testimonial: "I have worked as IT and Communications Coordinator for John Munroe Hospital for four years