This week, Eitex is delighted to welcome a new member to the team, Richard Mawby. A skilled IT technician with over 16 years’ experience, Richard will take on the role of 2nd line engineer. His depth of

Microsoft announced an exciting new development this week. It’s one that promises to save even more money for businesses, as well as bringing some useful updates and productivity tools to your armoury. Our Managing Director, Dean Spencer

Just about everyone who uses a computer or mobile device is familiar with the concept of cloud computing. Likely as not, when you snap a photo on your mobile, the image is transferred to storage offered by

It doesn’t take long for digital technology to overtake a business, leaving a massive shortfall in terms of capability or flexibility. A lot has happened in computing over the last twelve months that may have passed you

IT is arguably one of the most expensive aspects of doing business. It’s not just the equipment, it’s also the staff that maintains the equipment and keeps your software running. There is also the never-ending need for

Anything business owners can do to streamline workplace processes makes for more efficient working practises and a happier, more productive work force.   Working Together with Office 365 Collaboration is the key word in business these days.