Eitex have secured a brand-new IT Support and VoIP upgrade for Wakefield based company ZTL Contracting Ltd. ZTL Contracting Ltd specialise in Land Remediation, Bulk Earthworks and Waste Management across Yorkshire. ZTL are a growing company who

Eitex recently worked with Curve Learning, a training company based in Ossett, Yorkshire. They work with a diverse client base, mostly in the healthcare sector. Clients range from blue chip organisations to private companies. In today's national

Efficient IT support keeps all your PCs and connected devices running smoothly and efficiently. As Windows 10 progresses and matures, older versions fall off Microsoft’s radar and are no longer supported. Microsoft’s support clock never stops ticking,

Nothing lasts forever, and like everything else, servers come to the end of their useful life and need upgrading. Carrying on with outdated servers risks diminished, or non-existent IT Support should things go wrong with the network,

It is estimated that there are over 400 million computers around the globe which are still running the 12 year old operating system, Windows XP! Leaving so many users without support, updates, hotfixes, security patches will be

Businesses prepared years in advance for the 'Millenium Bug'. Billions of pounds was invested in IT to protect businesses small and large. Even then, nobody truly knew what to expect, or what impact it was going to