It’s very easy to get lulled into a false sense of security when things are working as they should. We don’t even think about them, especially those things that work in the background. Business carries on as

Eitex is proud to have secured a brand new IT Support contract with Yorkshire firm, Elm Building Services. Based in Leeds, Elm provides Mechanical and Electrical works for construction projects. Their clients are both here in the

Twice a year Microsoft rolls out new features and updates to its operating system. Hot on the heels of the Creators Update released back in April, comes the Fall Creators Update this month. Generally, Microsoft staggers the

IT is arguably one of the most expensive aspects of doing business. It’s not just the equipment, it’s also the staff that maintains the equipment and keeps your software running. There is also the never-ending need for

Windows 10 is full of tricks and little known or explored features that are designed to make working (or leisure) life easier and more fun. We've rounded up a few of the best and most useful, so

Efficient IT support keeps all your PCs and connected devices running smoothly and efficiently. As Windows 10 progresses and matures, older versions fall off Microsoft’s radar and are no longer supported. Microsoft’s support clock never stops ticking,