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Computer Security

Earlier this month we wrote about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and highlighted some of the new features you’ll get when you upgrade. What we didn’t cover especially are the enhanced security measures.

Some of the questions we get from new clients, and existing ones too, concern IT security. MD Dean Spencer comments, “IT admins have a never-ending job on their hands to keep workplace computers secure.”

Letting IT fall behind current security standards is like leaving an open jar of jam by the window then wondering why it’s full of wasps.

Keeping the analogy, online security is like fitting a screen over the open window. The wasps are still out there, but they can’t get in.

Keeping software (and hardware) up to date is vitally important for business. Hackers are everywhere, and always coming up with new ways to get past your defences.

Here are some of the security and management features in the Fall Creators Update:

  • Windows Defender Application Guard.  Makes Microsoft Edge one of the most secure browsers around. It is another reason you might want to take a second look at it (other new features in the browser were outlined in the previous post). Basically, ADAG isolates the browser from other data and apps, preventing hacking attempts reaching into the PC.
  • Windows AutoPilot. This is a cloud based service makes any PC enterprise ready. Popular OEM computer manufacturers (such as Lenovo and HP among others) will support this from January 2018. Microsoft Surface supports it now.
  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard. Protects devices when they contact malicious addresses on the web. Working alongside Controlled Folder Access, it will also only allow trusted, authorized applications to access protected folders and documents.
  • Windows Defender Antivirus also has new enhancements. AI built on Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph protects users from polymorphic malware. This is the super destructive kind of threat that constantly changes itself, making it harder for most anti-malware systems to detect.

Microsoft’s Recommended Specs

Taking advantage of the security enhancements involves ensuring your PCs are up to the task. Memory recommendations are 8 gigs of ram, with the CPU requirements being 64-bit, seventh generation processors

This doesn’t mean computers with a lower spec won’t be secure. Microsoft issued these guidelines as an indication of what future computer models from OEMs should look like. It’s the standard we’re working towards.

“Keeping up with the latest computer developments can get expensive for companies, says MD Dean Spencer. “That’s why we introduced Surface as a Service.” With this, businesses have an inexpensive way to arm their employees with the latest computers as well as all the benefits of Office 365, for a small monthly fee.

Very often, knowing what you should be doing and actually doing it are two very different things. It’s our aim to help businesses in Yorkshire and beyond join the two together. Security in computers matters. We’ll help you stay current and well-armed against the threats out there.

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