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  • Microsoft Support end of lifecycle for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (without any SP)

Everybody should note that Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (and of course all previous version) and Windows Vista (without any Service Pack) is now no longer supported by Microsoft. This means that they will no longer be producing security updates.

Given the prevalence of malware we would strongly suggest that everyone use a version of Windows that is currently supported by Microsoft and have Automatic Updates enabled.

To check which version of Windows you are running right click on My Computer (or “Computer” as it is now labelled in Windows Vista and Windows 7) and go to Properties.

If you are running a version that is now unsupported you can check the following Web Site on how to update to a supported version.

As usual, you use any of the information here at your own risk. We are not responsible for any issues relating to this blog. Existing customers can of course contact us on the Helpdesk. If you are not a customer and require any assistance though please feel free to contact us about our IT Support.

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