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The countdown to the Windows 10 launch is underway, with just over a month to go. The date to put on your calendar is 29th July.

Wonder what all the fuss is about? After all, a new operating system from Microsoft isn’t usually anything to get terribly excited about.

Windows 10 is Different.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have noticed the huge leaps technology has made in the past couple of years. Life and work ties to modern devices are stronger than ever, and we demand far greater flexibility from the software that runs on them.

Because it’s common to get an email on your phone, take a quick look at docs on a tablet, then move to a desktop to action the workflow, device dependent software doesn’t cut it anymore. At the leading edge of Enterprise software, Microsoft solves many of the challenges faced by a mobile, demanding business environment. A host of new Windows 10 features provide staff members with all they need to get the job done, and security that is more robust keeps corporate data safe.

Start Menu

It’s back. Much missed and mourned in previous Windows versions, the return of the Start Menu is cause for celebration by itself. It looks and behaves much like the Start Menu of old, but with a few tricks brought in from Windows 7 and 8. Live Tiles, for instance, are still there, but as an option instead of the only choice.

Microsoft Edge – A New Browser

Imagine being able to write or type directly on web pages as you view them. Make notes, highlight sections, or mark where design changes are needed. It’s a feature everyone, from researchers to casual browsers, will find useful. You can share your notes with others for team collaboration, and there’s distraction-free reading and favourites for later access.


Already popular on the mobile platform, Cortana is included in Windows 10 and will work with Dynamics CRM to search out contacts, accounts and activities. Use Cortana to set up meetings and reminders or create customer records, and more – all with voice commands.

Seamless Operation Across Devices

Touch, keyboard or mouse – Windows 10 knows where it is and how best to present itself. The best thing about this feature is the way it frees you from the desk. Start a project in the office, then continue on the train if needs be. Allows you to get on with the day and get on with your work at the same time.

Multi-Tasking Made Easy with Snap

It’s a rare day when you’re working with just one app. Productivity demands often mean there are several vital apps all running in concert, and the need to constantly flip between them. With Snap in Windows 10, you can lock up to four apps in place on your screen and see them in a single view.

Need more space? It’s no problem as virtual desktops allow the grouping of apps by type or project. You can slip from one desktop environment to another with ease.

Enterprise Grade Security

Keeping data secure is an ongoing concern for businesses, and Microsoft addresses several key issues in Windows 10. One is the extra security layer introduced that protects corporate data once it leaves the device it was originally stored on. So protection follows data from PC to tablet, to USB drive to Cloud.

There’s far more going on beneath the surface too. If you’d like more information about how upgrading will benefit your business — or how to go about it if you’ve already decided — get in touch.

We’ll make the transition quick and painless, and have a special offer when you register for your upgrade.


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