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Project Spartan (not necessarily it’s final name) is a faster, leaner, and more versatile web browser than we’ve seen before from Microsoft. When Windows 10 launches, Spartan will be part of the package – lean and powerful as the code name implies.

Current Enterprise users who’re wary of introducing too many changes all at once can continue using Internet Explorer, so adoption can be gradual.

Whether Microsoft intends completely retiring Internet Explorer isn’t yet clear but, for the moment, both the Project Spartan browser and Internet Explorer will run side by side. Just as Windows 10 is far more than a follow on from Windows 8.1, Project Spartan is a completely new browser built from the ground up.

The new features include practical, integrated features that users of mobile, touch-screen, stylus-enabled devices will find invaluable:

Annotate Web Pages and Send to One Note

Of particular interest is the ability to annotate web pages with either a stylus or keyboard, syncing directly with OneNote for immediate sharing with colleagues or saving for future reference.

Currently unavailable in any other browser without first saving as a document or PDF file, being able to jot notes directly on the web page is an interesting innovation.

Typical uses could include remote collaboration in website development or fast communication of online catalogue changes without the need for long email messages. As writing on the screen becomes a more mainstream way of interacting with computers, this feature will really come into its own.

Hand in Hand with Cortana

Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, is neatly integrated into Project Spartan. It sits comfortably in a sidebar, gathering and presenting useful information that’s relevant to the page or site you’re looking at. It will, for instance, show opening hours and contact details as well as keeping tabs on travel arrangements such as flight bookings.

Having reference information visible alongside the main page means less tabbing between pages. The appearance of information in the sidebar means you stay right on the page you’re looking at.

Synced Reading Lists

Project Spartan also brings distraction free reading to Windows 10. This function removes everything from the page but the text so the screen looks more like a book page than a web page, and allows you to save pages to a reading list for later. Your saved reading list is, naturally, synced across all your devices. You can change your view of the page and alter the font size to suit, making reading on the screen a more natural experience.

The Project Spartan browser complements the new Windows 10 flexibility. Just as Windows 10 adapts itself across devices (from big screen desktops to Surface laptops and even Xbox consoles) so Project Spartan works more intuitively alongside you. The additional little touches just let you get on with business, efficiently and effectively.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 when it’s released later this year and need some help getting ready, do give us a call. We can help with that or any other IT headache you’re experiencing.

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