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We are writing to help protect you from the deadly TeslaCrypt virus.

Please forward this blog to your colleagues / customers / suppliers to help prevent them from being the next victim!

How does the virus spread?

The virus is transmitted via email. The ‘infected’ emails contain a Zip file, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel file or similar. The email bypasses system security because at the point of entry there is no infection or malicious software attached. Once run however the Macro downloads the TeslaCrypt virus from the internet, at which point the machine is infected.

The virus is very successful at infecting machines as it often appears to come from friends, customers or suppliers, people of whom you trust. Emails may be titled ‘Invoice’ or ‘Credit’ or ‘Quote’ or ‘Awaiting Approval’ or similar.

The virus is very successful at bypassing leading anti-virus software!

Once infected the virus very quickly encrypts files and folders. This makes your data inaccessible!

How to protect yourself

If you receive an email from an unknown party with an attachment please delete it right away, your system will not be infected if the email attachment isn’t opened.

If you receive an email from a colleague, supplier or customer which appears suspicious, it probably is! Please notify the sender, and then delete the email!

What if I have opened the email?

If you have opened the email immediately disconnect the power and contact our IT helpdesk!

Thank you for reading and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns.


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