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  • Will Microsoft back down with Windows XP End-of-Life?

It is estimated that there are over 400 million computers around the globe which are still running the 12 year old operating system, Windows XP! Leaving so many users without support, updates, hotfixes, security patches will be a computer apocalypse!

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This is a tough decision for Microsoft and some users believe Microsoft will back down at the eleventh hour! There has been evidence of this already with the announcement of Anti-Virus updates which will now continue until July 2015.

In my opinion if Microsoft do back down, nobody will take them seriously moving forward. Windows 7 End-of-Life in January 2020 will be pushed back too, as will Windows 8 and so on. Where will it stop?

My money is on Microsoft pulling support on 8th April, the trouble is, is your business willing to take the chance?

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