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Businesses prepared years in advance for the ‘Millenium Bug’.

Billions of pounds was invested in IT to protect businesses small and large. Even then, nobody truly knew what to expect, or what impact it was going to have! Were PC’s going to crash, were businesses going to be able to operate, would the lights be going out?

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On the 8th April 2014 Microsoft are withdrawing support for their most successful and prolific operating system ever, Windows XP. For over a decade software writers and businesses have revolved around the software for what has become the life-blood of many companies.

Preparation and planning could help avoid the uncertainty and risk of not upgrading. Unlike the Millennium Bug though many businesses haven’t planned, and are still running Windows XP even now!
So how has this happened? Microsoft have been advising IT professionals for over 18 months now, but this hasn’t been communicated effectively to business owners and PC users. News channels will probably communicate this in April, when it is too late! Whether Microsoft are to blame for this, or IT Support companies is regardless, but companies need to act, and act fast!

The Windows XP end-of-life IS going to happen, and users that don’t upgrade by 8th April will face an onslaught of malware, viruses and security breaches on their systems. Allegedly many exploits have been found in Windows XP, but won’t be exposed and used by hackers until 8th April, i.e. when Microsoft will no longer be producing a fix!

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